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Highlander Joint Hainan marine fisheries and other departments, to build a Marine Information Service New Mode


Picture 1: on the agreement signing ceremony


On September 5th 2016, Ocean and Fisheries Supervision Team of Hainan Province (hereinafter referred to as Supervision Team) and Beijing Highlander Digital Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Highlander) co-held a signing ceremony for the ¡¶Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Comprehensive Radar surveillance and Information System in Roundabout Off shore of Hainan Province¡·. The cooperation marked a brand new development stage of the Marine strategy construction of Hainan Province. The ceremony was attended by leaders including Lin Min, Vice Director of Hainan provincial industry and Information Technology Department, Li Xiangmin, Vice Director of Ocean and Fisheries Department, Li Dongyu, Captain of Hainan Ocean and Fisheries Supervision Team, Shen Wanqiu, President of Highlander and Yang Tianliang, Director of Sanya Research Center of the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


To comply with China’s deployment of intelligent ocean construction, Hainan Province is actively studying the construction of a three-dimensional sensing system for marine and fisheries incorporating people, ships, coast, oceans, islands, sky, aerospace and establishing multiple applications including the comprehensive supervision information platform of ocean and fisheries that contains “one chart, one network and one cloud”. With the policy support and technological instruction from the provincial leaders, provincial industry and information department, science and technology department, ocean department, Sanya municipal government and Sanya Sensing Information Industrial Park, Beijing Highlander Digital Technology Co., Ltd. will build a comprehensive radar surveillance and information system in roundabout offshore of Hainan Province via self-funding.


Picture 2: Technological schematic of roundabout offshore comprehensive radar surveillance system


Featuring active detection all-day, all-weather and all-direction, the system is capable of tracking, recognizing and processing information of medium and large size ships within a range of 20 nautical miles, facilitating ocean law enforcement teams to conduct accurate strikes against offshore illegal fishing, illegal mining of sea sand, illegal ocean travel and ocean pollution. It will provide valid information for standard administration and evidence collection in law enforcement of ocean area as well as timely and reliable information service to marine traffic and transportation, safe fishery production, defense of disastrous weathers, emergency search and rescue.


Picture 3: equipment and monitor interface of monitor stations


In the framework of the strategic cooperation between the supervision team and Highlander, the supervision team will purchase the data service concerning their business from Highlander. Different from previous information project execution, in the new mode, the government proposes policy instruction and business requirements and purchase professional service so that the social capital is introduced into the project. In the future, the professional technology company will be responsible for equipment operation and maintenance and information service. In this way, the efficiency of the government’s information work will be greatly enhanced and the technological risk in government procurement is reduced.


The signing of the agreement will have a profound and positive strategic and model significance in accelerating the information construction of the Hainan’s ocean and fishery, enhancing the informatization of administration and law enforcement, helping Hainan and the national ocean and fishery information construction and the construction of intelligent ocean. It also shows the guts of a private company in innovation and taking the responsibility of the intelligent ocean construction.


Highlander is committed to becoming a leading company in the ocean information industry in China. In the future, the company will accelerate its nationwide deployment in ocean industry via capital methods, innovative technological service and its demonstration effect, expand the radar surveillance networks offshore nationwide and establish a three-dimensional ocean environment observation, supervision and information guarantee service system by making use of the underwater and air viewers and monitors, to form the capability of acquiring ocean information in offshore and the open sea, to build a platform of ocean big data and service, Highlander will make its contribution to China’s construction of “big power of ocean” and “intelligent ocean”.


Picture 4: a three-dimensional monitoring network of ocean, sky and aerospace


Journalists from CCTV, Hainan TV, Hainan Daily, SSTV,, were also present at the ceremony to witness the agreement signing.  

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