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Highlander has smoothly passed the equipment unit qualification assessment
Between 18th Mar and 20th Mar 2013, The naval armaments department has carried on the strict censorship to Highlander about the equipment unit qualification , and admitting Highlander continuously having the qualification.
The qualification is the foundation for units which taking tasks of equipments and equipments’ research, production, repairmen and technical services, it assesses once every four years. Assessment team according to the requirements of the standard of GJB5713-2006, The Chinese people's liberation army (PLA) equipment procurement rules and Equipment scientific research act, assessing Highlander’s professional technology, quality management, operational reputation and secrecy qualification through checking documents and face to face interviews, reaffirms Highlander’s technological conditions and service capacity in military business. 
Highlander has been designated as marine suppliers since 2004, taking military requirements as target, and taking promote the equipment level as task, Highlander will make continuous contribution to our country ‘s national defense through innovation and development.

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